Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Simile Dictionary Addendums

 Our language  has always  been an  in-progress proposition,  and   this is especially true of figures of speech.  What's rare  morphs into  our  every day  usage,  the cliches are given a  a fresh twist.  Obviously  a  published collection   of such expressions   can never be truly finished.   Thus  there  were lots and lots  of  new  similes to make Visible Ink's  new edition of    my original  Similes Dictionary  truly  new.  And, unsurprisingly, no sooner had  I  sent the  new manuscript to the  publisher,  than   new  examples  cropped  up.  This being   presidential  election season,  more  figures of speech  pertaining to  politicians  are inevitable.  For  starters  this  one about   Republican  Vice-Presidential wannabe  Paul Ryan as  a  compromiser  by  New York Times  Op-Ed  contributor  David  Stockman

Mr. Ryan showed his conservative mettle in 2008 when he folded like a  lawn chair on the auto bailout and the Wall Street bailout.