Friday, October 4, 2013

A "Bad Jews" character with the sense of humor of an overdue library book

Up and coming  playwright Joshua Harmon's  Bad Jews was a hit in its premiere performance at a small black box theater.   His delicisously  nasty little family comedy, Bad Jews,  has now been given a commercial production .    Harmon's  gift  for  funny  dialogue and  situations   is evident even in his  playscript  notes.  For example,    this    description of  one  of  the    angry,  young adults   who make up the cast:

Liam, an  Asian studies PH.d  student  who's  less  of an observant Jew than the  super Jewish  cousin he detests is  describes as having   as much of a sense of humor as an overdue library book.
 For a nifty similistic putdown from  Daphna Feygenbaum, the  chief  claimant to being the family's 
claimant  as   the family's  truly good Jew about  Liam's  latest  "Shiksa" girl friend Melody  who she  says  looks  as  if  she was  live water-birthed in a Talbot’s.