Sunday, March 22, 2015

This Encores! revival made mefeel "light as a bumblebee"

 The wonderful Encores!   concert series   did  a wonderful   production  of   a Lerner and Loewe  musical   with  a  wonderful score but    troublesome book that probably accounts for it's neglect since 1951.  While the lyrics aren't   on a par with Oscar Hammerstein or Stephen Sondheim   we did catch a  few  very apt  similes.

  The one below  by   the top name  beneath the title, Keith Carradine,  served  as  a nice  lead-in quote:
 I sure wish your mother was here. She'd know what to do. She was a real lady. She could read and she could write, just like you will someday. And she talked softer than a leaf hittin' water.

Here are a few other catchy ones. . .
 You’re as useless as a milk-can in a bullpen --

I’m feeling higher than a lark can sing
Oh what a day!/ I'm feeling flighty as a bumblebee!

 Here's a link  to my review of the show  curtainup/encorespaintyourwagon.html

Monday, March 16, 2015

Life is like a train!
A roaring rushing train!
You get on at the beginning,

You get off at the end.
The train inspiring  this similistic ditty is, of course,  the once   fabulous  20th Century    with its  redcaps, plush compartments and other amenities.  In  the new  revival of  the musical  screwball comedy , On the Twentieth Century,    the four tap-dancing  porters  (no wheelies needed back in  1932)  who  introduce the 2nd act with that ditty stop the  exuberant show.

For  more about the show, here's a link to  my revie