Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Sunday Simile: Age is like art — it’s a matter of interpretation

 Age  is  a chockablock  full  category  in  Similes Dictionary.   And new age-related similes crop up constantly.  To  wit,   Representative Nancy Pelosi  on  a  discussion  of  Hilary Clinton's  age as an issue  in the 2016 presidential election. As Pelosi  said  "A Republican approach that calls attention to Mrs. Clinton’s age is not without peril,'  She topped her prediction   that the Repulbicans would go to that place at their own ris  with this  simile:    “Age is like art — it’s a matter of interpretation.”
 (From NYTimes   June 29, 2013  article, Republicans Paint Clinton as Old News By Jonathan Martin)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Guess who said acting is like a parachute

 Similes about  the risky  business of acting abound.  Here's  one we missed  adding to the second edition of  Simile Dictionary.  It's attributed to  the late, great Bette Davis:

Acting is like a parachute. You jump and pull the cord and pray that it opens." Bette Davis

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Similes make good ads

 A catchy  simile  seen in a subway ad  by  a storage company:

Raising a baby in a NYC apartment is like growiing an oak tree in a thimble

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Simile-Metaphor maven on Somewhere Fun by Jenny Schawrtz

While  I obviously  tend  to  like  playwrights who are passionate about  words,  Jenny Schwartz   tends to  use her  gift  for  imbuing  her plays  with  interesting wordsmithing   to  take audiences
on an absurdist  ride  that   is more confusing than compelling in the long run.  Like the rainstorm that sets the scene for  happenstance meeting of  two old  friends, Rosemary and Evelyn in     her new  play   Somewhere Fun    (,  words just  pour  out  of  her characters

Rosemary in  particular    has  us  drowning  in words. . .words. . .words.   Before   Schwartz  finally  does her in   by  melting her into a puddle  (I'm not making this up!),  she  tells us  about  her estrangement from her son  with  a quartet of similes,
and hangs  a  simile onto  an old  cliche   pertaining to her  her relationship with Evelyn

About her"relationship with  her son she says  " I’m toxic, “Like a cancer.  Like a curse.  Like a dump.  Like a swamp.” 

She  says  she and  Evelyn  were once  "peas in a pod.  Like two front teeth, we're attached at the hip.