Sunday, May 24, 2015

Metaphorically speaking a#Outer Critics Awards i

 This is the season for  a tsunami  of awards  ceremonies.  The most relaxed and most fun one is  the Outer Cirtics Circle awards dinner at  the legendary Sardi's  restaurant.   With  only winners invited and each table a mix  of  OCC Members,   honorees  and their guests,  the event is small and intimate and  mercifully short. 

  The speeches too are brief  but  always fun.   As an  incorrigible   tropes spotter,  my  favorite this year was  the  descripton  of   the roles  in the award winning revival of  You Can't Take It With You:

"Eccentric characters practically crawl out of the woodwork at the family home in #You Can’t Take It With You, and a couple of them crawled into award contention for the first time–in this category. One was a tipsy actress who determinedly climbs the staircase as if it were Everest. The other—our honoree, #Annaleigh Ashford --  was a wannabe ballerina who kept the play in a constant state of bad poetry-in-motion, never walking across the room when she can bound across it like a demented ostrich.