Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Delicate Ship is enriched by lyrical similes

 Anna Ziegler's  sad, lovely little play A Delicate Ship  is  essentially a love  triangle.  It  begins as a quite evening between  Sarah  and her still new boyfriend Sam and turns into a  contest for her affections  with the arrival  of  childhood best friend Nate.  The play is s enriched by  smart and often lyrical  dialogue,  especially by  the play's catalyst character,  Nate --   as in this  plea for  her to  live with him from which the play takes its title:

 Not if you let yourself. . .not if we were . . .You would never let me down. You couldn't  We'd get through it all together;  we'd traverse the endless series of days like explorers in a ship made of time itself, its delicate sails moving easily through the churning water.

The volatile  Nate    describes his   constant  unhappiness and discontent  with another lyrical simile:

I  cant accept that my life disappears behind me like a retreating wave, never to be seen again.
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